CW Net Script

3.570.00 mhz

Step 1: Net Control (NCS) calls "QRL? QRL?" to see if the frequency is in use. This is a good opportunity to zero beat NCS' signal.

Step 2: Net Control calls "CQ CQ FAWA CW NET DE <NCS callsign> <NCS callsign> NCS QNI K". That means it's time for stations to send their callsigns for Net Control to copy. (QNI means: Net members please check in.)

Step 3: LISTEN for other stations first. When you don't hear anyone else trying to check in, then send "DE <space> YOURCALLSIGN". The space is very important. It's a way to listen again to be sure that someone else is not trying to check in at the same time. If NCS hears several callsigns trying to check in simultaneously, (commonly called a "double"), he usually can't hear either station and has to ask "AGN PSE". This is especially troublesome with weak stations and bad conditions.

Step 4: When NCS hears your callsign, he will acknowledge it by repeating it. Example: “R R K3FAZ <AS>.” If he receives multiple callsigns, he will repeat all that he has heard. Example: "R R K3FAZ ES AB3JF ES KD7QOT <AS>” (AS means standby.) At this point, stop sending and wait for check ins to end.

Step 5: After acknowledging callsigns, NCS will send “QNI K” to call for the next check in. This will be repeated until no further check-ins are received.

Step 6: NCS will give instructions for the net. For example: “QNK CALLSIGN ES OP ES QTH <BT> QRS PSE <BT>” This tells you that when called, you will provide your callsign, name (OP) and location (QTH). It will also instruct members to send slowly (QRS). NCS may add additional instructions, invite comments, etc as part of these instructions.

Step 6: Wait for NCS to call you again. Example: “K3FAZ DE WA3PRR KN". KN means NCS is calling you and only you. Give your callsign, name and location. For example:  “WA3PRR DE K3FAZ OP STEVE STEVE QTH FORD CITY FORD CITY KN”

Step 7: NCS will call "QNI K" a few times in between comments and listen for more check-ins. If you have not yet been acknowledged by Net Control, keep trying to call until NCS hears you. Remember: DE <space> YOURCALLSIGN"

Step 8: When all members have commented, NCS will ask once more for check ins by sending “QNI K”. NCS may then offer a comment or quote for members to copy. When complete, the net will be closed with “FAWA CW NET GN ES 73 DE WA3PRR <SK>”



8/8/16: Samuel Morse invented his code in the 19th century.
8/15/16: The first Trans Atlantic telegraph cable was opened for use on 8/16/1858.        
8/22/16: Tonight, NCS is using a J36 bug made by Lionel during World War 2.      
8/29/16: The weather here in Bradys Bend, PA is warm es 64 degrees. Rain tmrw with a high of 85 degrees. 
9/12/16: The CW word for laughter is hihi. Sending hihi is the equivalent of LOL. CW is the original instant message service.
<no net 9/19, 9/26, 10/3>
10/10/16: Today, it is Columbus Day, but he never actually made it to America.