--- Registration Deadline is March 10, 2024 ---

Join us on March 23, 2024 from 8:30am to 3:00pm at the Outdoor Discovery Center (ODC) for an exciting opportunity to enter the world of ham radio! Our upcoming Amateur Radio Technician training class will equip you with the knowledge and skills to pass the exam and get your entry-level license. This full-day class is specially designed to provide a beginner-friendly introduction to amateur radio, focusing on the key concepts you'll need to know. Whether you're interested in worldwide communication, emergency preparedness, or just want a fun new hobby, this class will start you on the path to exploring everything ham radio has to offer. Reserve your seat today and let the adventures begin! Like all great things in life this comes at a cost. A registration fee of $40 is required to reserve a seat in the upcoming training class. This non-refundable fee includes a copy of a handy study guide and covers the cost of your examination at the end of the class. 

A 'Volunteer Examiner session' is what the test session for the license is called because the test is proctored by a certified group of volunteer examiners who are also licensed radio amateurs.  This day of learning will end with a Volunteer Examiner session for those who feel ready to take the Technician exam right away.

Our club has a regular scheduled VE session (Volunteer Examiner session) a month later on April 20, 2024 for those wishing to do further study before testing.

--- Registration Deadline is March 10, 2024 ---

Payment can be made via:

- Mail to: Fort Armstrong Wireless Association

198 Owl Hollow Road

Rural Valley, PA 16249


- PayPal to:

To register, please complete this form.

--- Registration Deadline is March 10, 2024 ---

The class aims to provide the key knowledge needed to pass the Technician exam and get your ham radio license. We will not be teaching extensive technical details about radio operation, but rather focusing on the exam content. Radio amateurs can spend a lifetime learning the nuances of radio communication, technical aspects of radio wave propagation, various subsets of the hobby, and meeting interesting people both on the air and at many events such as hamfests and conventions.

Please contact Jody Farr at if you have any other questions! We look forward to welcoming newcomers to the exciting world of amateur radio.