Fort Armstrong Wireless Association

Interested in a HAM license:  
Our next VE session will be held on March 11th at 7:00 PM at the New Life Center 414 9th Street, Ford City, PA

You are required to bring a copy of your FCC license if you are upgrading.  
If you have lost your license you can download one from the FCC website.

Click: Log in

Click "Download Electronic Authorizations" on the left side

Highlight your call sign and click "Add"

On the right side click "Download".  Make sure your POPUP blocker is turned off.

Our Repeaters

145.410  (144.810 input)
173.8 PL

443.975 (448.975 input)

Next Meeting

Wednesday March 25
In the conference room of the
Armstrong County ARES/RACES net
Monday 8:00 PM 145.410 Mhz

Western PA traffic net             
Daily at 6:00 PM 3.983 Mhz

Western PA section ARES net        
Saturday 9:00 AM 3.983 Mhz

Club Calendar of Events

VE Testing
March 11th 2015 at 7pm

Location: New Life Center Ford City, PA
414 9th Street
Ford City, PA