Fort Armstrong Wireless Association
Established April 1980

(NPOTA Dec 2016)

Next Meeting
January 25th

Our Repeaters

145.410  (144.810 input)
173.8 PL

70cm - 440 
443.975 (448.975 input)

The repeater is located at the Armstrong County EOC.  This repeater is part of our portable emergency setup.  During special events and emergencies where our communications trailer is relocated the repeater is also moved.

Special Nets
These nets happen on the 2nd Monday of the month after the normal Monday net. Estimated time is 8:30pm 

9 Jan 2017
10 meter simplex

23 Jan 2017
75 meter simplex

13 Feb 2017

27 Feb 2017
75 meter simplex

Armstrong County ARES / RACES net

Monday 8:00 PM 145.410 Mhz
Backup repeater 146.970 - PL 131.8

FAWA CW learning net
Monday 9:00 PM   3.570 MHz

Western PA traffic net 
Daily at 6:00 PM 3.983 Mhz

Western PA section RACES/PEMA/ACS net 
Sunday 9:00 AM 3.990.5 Mhz

Armstrong County Simplex frequency 
145.590 MHz


CW Kit build night January 18th starting at 6:30pm at the Armsdale building next to the EOC.
Current list of amateurs signed up KD7OQT, K3FAZ, AB3JF, WA3PRR, KB3TTX + 1, KC3IAY
Contact KD7QOT.

Winter Field Day January 28th 2017 starting at 2pm and lasts for 24 hours!

FCC Announcement

The FCC has opened an active investigation to the harmful interference.  Please STOP sending reports to the FCC website until further notice.  FCC assets have been, or will be, deployed to deal with the harmful interference.  

Storm Map

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Fort Armstrong Wireless Association

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