Past Events

Faith and Hope 5k Run, September 30th 2017
(Thank you John, W3HRS for providing these photos)

September 2017 (sorry no photos)
Ford City Labor Day Parade
Battle of Kittanning Special Event

Crooked Creek's Armstrong Public Safety Date, July 2017

National Parks On the Air, North County Trail TR04, December 2016


CrossBand Repeater, Simplex Test, Simulated Emergency October 2016

Mel Check Radio Museum Tour October 2016


Faith and Run 5k Indiana County October 1st 2016


Ford City 5k Run August 27th 2016

Dayton Fair August 14 - 20 2016

June 25th/26th 2016

June 18th 2016 - Mahoning Lake Anniversary 

April 16th 2016 - National Parks On the Air


March 19th 2016
Moraine State Park - Off Grid Radio Fun!

February 17th 2016
Into to APRS class
-sorry no photos where taken :(

January 30th/31st 2016
Winter Field day

January 17th 2016
Christmas Party

October 31st 2015
Faith and Fun 5k Run, Blue Spruce Park
(Sorry, no photos)

October 3rd 2015 Simulated Emergency Test

US Islands Activation of Nicholson Island 9/25/2015 - 9/26/2015

August 2015 Ford City 5k Run

August 2015 Dayton Fair


July 2015 Rodeo


July 2015 Antenna Build Night


Field Day 2015