Emergency Services Trailer

Our communications trailer is a purposed Hurricane Katrina FEMA trailer. The trailer has the current capabilities

Amateur Radio Bands

VHF / UHF dual band radio

HF Kenwood DSP 480

Winlink connected

PSK31 as well as other digital modes

Portable 70cm repeater

Other Capaiblities


AM/FM public radio receive

Trunk 800mhz Radio connected to the County EOC

Scanner capable of listening to all county wide emergency communications, aircraft, public utilities and more

Generator and Backup battery

Future additions

Marine band radio (Emergency use only)

Aircraft radio (Emergency use only)

Railroad and Gas company radio (Emergency use only)

Easy to raise GAP antenna



Multiple VHF / UHF Antennas

Hi-Q HF antenna


3 Mast Mount Points

Multiple NMO Mounts for various antennas (Easy swap)